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“You and your company were initially tasked with selling one of our family companies. We anticipated that this would be neither an easy or fast proposition. You had to deal with trustee owners who did not have significant business sale experience, as well as dealing with management of the company. The diligence and skill that you displayed while working on our first transaction, won you the project of selling our second company.”

– S.F. Schumacker, Trustee Owner, FBF, Inc. and Schulmerich Bells, Inc.

“Before meeting you, I had gone through several partner buy-ins and buy-outs as well as numerous “how to sell your business” seminars yet I had never sold a company. In the end, we made our decision to go with you because of your experience in our space as well as your endorsement from our law firm.”

– P. Brooks, Partner, The Brooks Group

“After being an employee of Advanced for 24 years, the opportunity to execute on this management buy-out has fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams of owning a privately held company.”

– S. Wildemann, Owner, Advanced Staging, LLC.

“The transaction was bumpy at times but in the end, I am happy to report that you were able to meet my expectations, both in retiring me from the company and achieving the net proceeds needed for my family to walk away.”

– J. Nowak, Owner, Woodlawn Companies

“I sincerely appreciate all you did for me during the sale of my business. Your level of professionalism and competence was first rate throughout the process, from our first meeting through the closing.”

– D. Runyen, Owner, State Street

“You handled the entire transaction in a professional manner and did so while maintaining strict confidentiality. I specifically appreciated you staying closely involved with even the minor details as we finalized due diligence.”

– B. Greenberg, Owner, TDS

“Being a first time business buyer, you walked me through all of the necessary steps and showed me how I could accomplish the dream of owning  my own business. Thank you again and please stay in touch throughout the future!”

– N. Kruczaj, Owner, C&M, Inc.

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